Month: September 2017

Less Pain, More Gain: Vert Shock

Put it simply, Vert Shock is the training program which helps sport player to jump higher than usual. Justin Darlington and Adam Folker started their ways in finding this amazing system based on their own experiences and researches. Using several years of the journey, the program compiles several trainings, packed in a system. Also, the system is easy to adopt for all people. It will help you to vitalize your body and bring an impact for increasing your vertical jump. You will not have any problem to adjust your body with the training, albeit you are not a pro.

Also, Vert Shock jumping program is safe. You do not have to worry if the training stresses your muscles because the training has been supported by scientific research which avoids you from overtraining. All you need is to follow the right guidance. It is okay to combine the training with other kinds of training. However, before doing that, you need to get some opinions from other people. It is best if you get an opinion from the expert and the ones that have experienced the training; and it is not necessarily hard to find these opinions because there are many reviews about the program on the internet. The good thing is the reviews followed by some concrete results visually, so that you can see how the program worked. Read More

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Best Exercises to Improve Your Running Speed

Are you wondering what the best exercises to improve your running speed are? It means that you come to the right place since we are going to discuss about this case. Actually, there are some exercises that are suggested to work best in increasing your running speed. In the following exercises, you will need resistance tubing that is secured with a kind of stationary stuff like a post. The resistance tubing itself comes in various tension degrees, so you should make sure that the one you take is right for you. Now, let’s see what kind of exercises that you can do.

First is heel raise. To do this exercise, lock up the resistance tubing under your balls of feet and then fasten its end to a post that you have prepared before or simply to your waist. You can also ask someone to help you in holding the end. To improve your running speed with this exercise, you should stand on your feet’ balls and then lower down your heels till you feet such stretch in the Achilles tendon. After that, you should elevate your body highly for about one to two seconds. Do this activity ten times. Read More

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